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I am Love -In Color!: Adult Coloring Book and Affirmations

I am Love -In Color!: Adult Coloring Book and Affirmations

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Relaxing adult coloring book including 50 affirmations and one of a kind hand-drawn mandala style patterns.

Amazing patterns meant to introduce a relaxing and peaceful experience with it’s unique designs. This book allows you to escape the typical highs and lows of day to day life and in exchange helps connects you to a more peaceful and relaxing mindset.

  • Originality Is Key All individual patterns are hand drawn. Affirmations are written to encourage an enhanced vibration and positive mindset. Individual patterns were designed with passion and commitment to easing one’s mind. This book is uniquely created.

  • Unique & Diverse Every pattern is uniquely drawn. The combination of the patterns and affirmations allows a new and different creative work of art to develop with amazing colors.

  • High Quality 50 complete patterns with high-quality designs down to each individual detail. Created and printed with quality in mind.

  • Creativity Let your creative mind create a color pallet that is your very own. There are endless possibilities through color. Design the dream images you want to see in reality. Enhance your connection with Self Care and Self Love with self-esteem building activities offered in the world of coloring. A real source for boosting confidence.

  • Single-sided pages Each image is placed on a single page to assist with color bleeding.

  • Relaxation Coloring amazing patterns is a wonderful way to relax the mind and help ease anxiety. Release tension invite peace of mind through color.

  • A Wonderful Gift This adult coloring book is a great gift for teenagers and adults who need to gain a sense of peace and relaxation surrounding self care.


  • Premium Matte Paperback Cover
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 50 individual patterns and affirmations .
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